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Welcome to Our Pharma World !

Pollen Pharma is a leading name in supplying formulated pharmaceutical products. We formulates products like (view all). Our company started its operation in 2009 in Madhya Pradesh, Chhatisgarh Orissa and Maharashtra. Company which is committed to excellence. And successfully achieving the excellent reputation of being a supplier of high quality healthcare products. And since then has been growing to achieve the heights in the pharmaceutical industry. We are committed to produce high quality products within the reach of each individual at an affordable price.


Pollen Pharma cares for its customer’s needs completely.In our products mix we have taken care of most of the segments.While going through our range of products it can be confirmed. Analgesic, daitery suppliments like iron and calcuim and nicely coverd with our cardiac and hypertensive formulations we have specialized products for diabetic patients.In future we have a plan to introduce formulations of utmost requirement- like Vaccines, hormones, pregnancy test kit and products for nephrology. Also suggestion and queries are always welcome by our knowledgeable customers.


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Mobile No: 09425156553


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